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Getting Started
Your First Visit

Welcome and thank you so much for considering allowing me to be your practitioner and coach in the process of taking charge of your body and your health. Let me share with you now some of the specifics of beginning that journey.

Step 1

At the bottom of this page is a link to your health history questionnaire when you're ready to complete it. I encouraged you to elaborate, even ramble on this form because I want to know all about you. The more information the better. Once completed, this information will be sent directly to me. I'll read it over and email you to schedule a Complimentary Phone Consult. During this consult we'll briefly discuss your concerns, your goals, and what or who lead you to me.

If we both agree during this initial phone visit that we'd like to proceed, we schedule our first face to face appointment. I'll ask you to begin keeping a 5 day diet record prior to our meeting of what you typically eat. Please don't clean it up for me. I want to see all the gory details! This is for your own good as well as mine, and I promise I won't tell!

Our First Visit

Our first meeting will be a discovery time for both of us. Ideally we will have already determined if we "gel" so to speak. However, it's during this face to face meeting where we'll both decide if I am the truly the right person to help you. Because I believe that healing is a very sacred process, it's important that you share it with someone you trust, feel good about and someone whose approach makes sense to you.

I will be as thorough and up front with you in this and all subsequent meetings as possible as to my experience, my opinions, my recommendations, and what your various healing options are. Should you decide on this first visit that we are not suited for each other or that my program and philosophy is not what you were looking for, just let me know and there will be no hard feelings and no charge. I'm sure you'd agree that it's better to discover this right away rather than go perhaps 3 months and then have you say to me, "I didn't know what I was getting into" or "I wish I'd never started this", Right?

Should we agree to continue, we'll then be going through a very detailed and somewhat intimate interview. I'll ask you personal details about the intricacies of your body which will result in groupings that will reveal strengths, weaknesses, and possible imbalances. This then will create documentation that we can refer back to in future consults to measure improvement. For example, if you are having headaches daily, and the next time we meet they are coming only weekly, we have made improvement.

I may be asking you questions about major events in your life which may have impacted your health in any number of ways. If you prefer not discuss these events, you simply say "No" and keep that information private. If you do choose to share personal information, be assured that it will be recorded in code and be kept strictly confidential. Whatever else we discuss in any and all consultation times together will be shared with no one else unless you direct or authorize me to do so.

As part of our interview, I'll be examining your hands, tongue, eyes and skin which, as you might imagine, can tell us a lot about your general health status. I'll then ask you to fill out a Symptom Survey to provide me a more comprehensive picture and help me to prioritize those specific areas of your body that need the most immediate nutritional support. We will then create a customized program of foods, supplements and possible testing designed to target these priority areas. It's important that you understand that we are not attempting to treat any specific symptom or disease as such. The goal, instead, is to give optimum nutritional support to your body in order to help it to become stronger, more balanced and healthy... naturally.

Because your body is designed to work beautifully as a whole complex and synergistic "“machine" and not as separate parts, our work together will be very holistic in nature. We'll be focusing on one or two areas at a time but will attempt to strengthen, support and help heal all the essential prioritized areas within this time frame. This typically takes from 6-9 months.

To understand the important of this approach, ponder for a moment, if you will, at all the possible reasons you may be feeling extremely fatigued. They range from insufficient sleep, dehydration or insufficient water intake, imbalanced hormones both male and female, to multiple types of stress that wear out your adrenals, low or hypothyroid, low blood sugar, prescription medications, overall poor diet, lack of exercise...and the list goes on. If we addressed only your hormones and neglect your adrenals, low blood sugar and/or some other possible culprit, the problem is only half solved.

Some testing will most probably be recommended during the course of our work to identify nutritional deficiencies or imbalances. These tests might include hair and saliva testing. They are generally simple, non-invasive, most often at home tests that in my experience, are very accurate and reliable. You'll also be taking the highest quality natural organic food based nutritional supplement and herbals remedies available. We'll be customizing these protocols and products as we go along to fit your needs through each stage of the program.

You'll be completing a very exclusive questionnaire that will provide you with a personalized eating plan, complete nutrition guidelines and sample menus designed for your unique metabolic type. This plan is the only one of its kind in existence and is able to identify your very own, one of a kind genetic blueprint. This plan alone has resulted in dramatic improvements in the lives of many of my clients.

At any time, should you reject any particular protocol or choose to abandon the program entirely, that is, of course your choice. Trust me when I tell you that vibrant health and vitality takes time and patience and that those individuals who have experienced dramatic and long term success from working with me are those who are willing to go the extra mile.

Your initial visit will cost $195. This cost includes a full evaluation, our hour long consultation, and your personalized Metabolic Typing Diet and Nutrition Guidelines as described as above. I'll speak to you at the end of the consult about other costs once we get a better picture of what your program will consist of up the road. Of course, we'll review this to ensure that it is within your means and acceptable to you.

Well, I think that's it. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon and to supporting you on your journey toward vibrant health and longevity. Believe me when I tell you that it is absolutely possible to look and feel great at any age once you possess the right plan and are willing to work it. I feel confident that together we can make this happen. You're under absolutely no obligation to become a client of mine at this point, but if you'd like to spend some time on the phone at no charge to discuss your issues, concerns and/or goals, proceed now to complete the Health History form. I'll be contacting you soon after I receive your information. Until then, I remain, here for you,

Michele A. Burris, RD, CMTA, CLT, FDN

Michele A. Burris, RD, CMTA, CLT, FDN

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