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Weight Loss That Lasts!
Healthy! Permanent! Delicious!

Weight Loss That Lasts

If you're like most people who struggle with their weight, you've probably lost the same 10-20 or more lbs a dozen times over, right? You're tired. You're frustrated. You're confused. You're angry. You may feel like a failure and maybe you've just given up ...

Well, don't give up. There is a solution! And it's actually simple and scientific yet natural, logical, and more powerful and healing than you'd ever imagine ... Really!

What if there was a way to:

Lose those extra pounds, learn to keep them off, get healthy, feel great, heal your body, and resolve many or most of your ailments in the process!

Welcome to
Healing to the Core Weight Loss


Think about it! The last time you watched a weight loss commercial, what did you notice? OK ... I'll help you out. Did you know that 99% of all weight loss programs boast about losing pounds, getting to eat yummy foods, and looking sexy and slim again? Right? Right! But here's what they don't promise: They don't promise you'll learn to lose the weight and keep it off permanently!

How Specifically is "Healing to the Core" Different?

How comes the Cool part: the one and only YOU!

We design a plan that is customized to your unique body chemistry.

"Unique", you say? "So, what's so unique about my body vs. Everyone else's"? Glad you asked! Let me explain.

You already know that for hereditary reasons, people look very different on the outside. Right? Sure. But did you know that the same is true bio-chemically? That is, in the way our bodies process foods and utilize nutrients. Just as certain cars are designed to run on gasoline while others require diesel fuel, each individual's body has its own "Engine of Metabolism" that requires a specific type of "body fuel" to function efficiently. This means different bodies need different fuel. And that means.

There is "No One Perfect Diet" for everyone!

Has this ever happened to You? A friend, neighbor or spouse, goes on a diet, loses weight but then when you tried the same diet, you felt terrible, didn't lose a pound or maybe you actually gained weight? BUMMER!

It happens all the time. So what exactly is going on?

Anyone who has studied biology and genetics knows that the very idea that one single diet or way of eating would work for everybody is not only unscientific and illogical, but quite frankly, ridiculous! For us genetically complex Americans, there are literally thousands of combinations of the "right" foods and nutrients possible for each and every individual body.

Because your metabolism is as unique as your appearance or your fingerprints, it just makes sense that your diet and nutrition needs would be just as unique.



Getting Started

First: You and I will talk by phone to get acquainted and determine if this program is right for you. This initial phone appointment is no charge.

Next: You'll receive a thorough Metabolic Typing and Endocrine Assessment to evaluate your overall health, diet, physical activity level, and medical history.

This will include adrenal, GI, thyroid, pituitary, mineral and overall nutrient status, male or female hormone imbalances, high or low blood sugar, food addictions or Intolerances and emotional and behavioral issues.

This requires someone who is specially trained in weight loss and weight management and endocrinology. That's me! These and other factors must be addressed to achieve long term, healthy success.

Since being overweight is a symptom and not a condition in itself, weight loss becomes, over time, a natural result of balancing and healing the body, one system at a time.

Components of this Program

(1) Your Metabolic Typing Assessment provides us with the information necessary to create your individualized diet, nutrition and lifestyle plan based on your unique body chemistry.

Your Metabolic Typing Assessment will teach you the right amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates it takes to normalize your weight, while eliminating any cravings, plus give you complete nutrition, shopping and cooking recommendations.

(2) A 21 day Detoxification/Purification program. This is an optional part of the program to be decided upon by you and I. This protocol will cleanse and heal your body, and help normalize GI function and overall metabolism. It also accelerates healthy weight loss and gets you beautifully in tune with your body and your appetite.

* This option of the program is typically VERY valuable.

(3) A personal fitness regimen based on a variety of factors including your physical condition, your preferred activities, and desired results.

(4) Therapy recommendations to help with Stress management and/or Emotional eating.

(5) Weekly appointments for twelve weeks to discuss and monitor your progress, answer questions and fine tune your program to better reach your goals.

(6) Unlimited email access to Michele for answering your questions.

(7) Recommendations for a customized supplement program if needed.

(8) Your own Metabolic Typing cookbook with recipes specially designed for your individual metabolic type.

(9) After your initial twelve weeks, you may continue until you reach health and weight goals.

(10) You may choose to come back periodically for follow-up testing or counseling to monitor your progress and chart your success with your program!


What to Expect

It's important to know that you won't starve! On the contrary! You'll be eating the best, most delicious and healthy foods ever. And if you haven't done that in a while, with a little patience, you'll feel completely satiated, and learn to love it.

If you choose to do the 21 Day Detoxification/Purification Program, for a few days you may experience some detox symptoms including fatigue, headaches or nausea. After the first few days, however, you'll begin to notice more energy, a clearer brain, a feeling of lightness, glowing skin, reduction or resolution of allergy symptoms, headaches, lower Blood Pressure, lower cholesterol, improved sleep, elimination of constipation and other GI symptoms...;and well, you'll just be amazed...Really!

To Recap...;

Lose the weight and keep it off, regain your health, improve your energy, your disposition and your brain function, learn things about food and your body that, I guarantee, you never knew. get a precision personalized way to eat that's designed for your unique body chemistry, and dramatically improve your health and your life ... forever!

So what are you waiting for?

Start Now and take advantage of the offers below:

Basic Program Cost:

With Detoxification/Purification Including Supplements:

*Special offer
Get a spouse, friend or family member to join you NOW for ONLY $350 more ... $450 more with Detoxification. This is a Fabulous Deal!

Remember...healthy living is not just a diet, it is a total lifestyle; a sense of well being that leads to glowing health, joy and longevity. For this reason I insist on up close and personal attention with all my clients and I make my programs very affordable.

Your health is the most precious gift you have. It's the one thing that you can control that leads directly to optimum well being and success. You deserve to look and feel beautiful and to love the body you live in. I would be honored to work with you to achieve that end.

Call me now and let's get started.

214-850-9502 or
Email me at Michele@HealingToTheCore.com

To Your Health

Michele Burris


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