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Nutrition & Weight Loss


There is "No One Perfect Diet" for everyone! The very idea that one single diet would work for everybody is not only unscientific and illogical, but quite frankly, ridiculous! Native Eskimos, Africans, Aborigines, Europeans, Middle or Far Easterners, All peoples throughout the world, have uniquely different eating habits. For us genetically complex Americans, there are literally thousands of combinations of the "right" foods and nutrients possible for each and every individual body. Although we all need a full spectrum of nutrients, each of us is genetically programmed for different variations of those nutrients. Therein lies the mystery and the challenge of "The Perfect Diet for You"

Just as certain cars are designed to run on gasoline while others require diesel fuel, each individual's body has it's own "engine of metabolism" that requires a specific type of "body fuel" to function efficiently. We'll explore your background, your genetics, your health history, your challenges and your goals and design the Perfect Diet for You. You'll then learn how to combine foods; proteins, fats and carbohydrates, to create your own unique eating plan, tailored to your unique body chemistry. Imagine knowing once and for all, exactly what your body needs to stay slim, fit, healthy, and terrific for the rest of your life. Talk about Simplifying Your life!

Weight Loss

Truth is, any fool can lose weight. The trick is to do it in a healthy, healing and permanent way. These steps involve combining the results of your metabolic typing assessment, your endocrine assessment, and a variety of other factors including adrenal, thyroid, mineral and hormone imbalances, high or low blood sugar, food addictions or intolerances and emotional and behavioral issues. These and other factors must be addressed to achieve long term, healthy success. Since being overweight is a symptom and not a condition in itself, weight loss becomes over time, a natural result of balancing and healing the body, one system at a time.


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