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Your Perfect Diet Through the
Science of Metabolic Typing

If you're overweight, tired, stressed, experience low blood sugar, digestive problems, poor concentration, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, have high blood pressure or other chronic ailments, you're probably tried lots of diets with limited success, right? Why rely on one of a hundred generic books, the latest fad, something recommended by a so called "expert" or what a friend says, when you can have Your Very Own Precision Personalized Diet, Custom Designed just for You!

A Revolution Whole Time Has Come! Metabolic typing is Revolutionary because it's the only "System" that addresses the endless biochemical diversity among people. Because your metabolism is as unique as your appearance or your fingerprints, it just makes sense that your diet and nutrition needs would be just as unique.

Based on over 25 years of empirical research and study, The MetType System is scientifically designed to match your diet to your individual metabolic and nutritional requirements. Never before available to the general public, Metabolic Typing is the most revolutionary paradigm shift in the area of customized nutrition in over 50 years.

Metabolism simply means the sum total of all the chemical and biological activities necessary to sustain life. All these metabolic activities naturally require energy. The focus of Metabolic Typing is to determine, through the process and utilization of food and nutrients, how differently our individual bodies produce a good share of this energy.

Different bodies need different fuel. For hereditary reasons, people are very different in outward appearance. The same is true bio-chemically; that is, in the way our bodies process foods and utilize nutrients. Just as certain cars are designed to run on gasoline while others require diesel fuel, each individual's body has it's own "engine of metabolism" that requires a specific type of "body fuel" to function efficiently.

There is "No One Perfect Diet" for everyone! The very idea that one single diet would work for everybody is not only unscientific and illogical, but quite frankly, ridiculous! Native Eskimos, Africans, Aborigines, Europeans, Middle or Far Easterners, All peoples throughout the world, have uniquely different eating habits. For us genetically complex Americans, there are literally thousands of combinations of the “right” foods and nutrients possible for each and every individual body. Although we all need a full spectrum of nutrients, each of us is genetically programmed for different variations of those nutrients. Therein lies the mystery and the challenge of "The Perfect Diet for You"

The MetType System works because it is designed to learn All about You! Through a variety of from simple to comprehensive questionnaires and/or testing, you will be personally accessed and metabolically profiled to determine precisely what kinds of foods are right for you. You'll then learn how to combine foods; proteins, fats and carbohydrates, to create your own perfect diet, tailored to your unique body chemistry. Imagine knowing once and for all, exactly what your body needs to look and feel trim, fit, healthy, and terrific for the rest of your life. Talk about Simplifying Your life!


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