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Meet Michele A. Burris

Meet Michele, who is obsessed with your health so you don't have to be!

Michele Burris  
Michele A. Burris, RD, CMTA, CLT, FDN has loved her work as a Registered Dietitian, wellness practitioner and nationally known speaker and seminar presenter. She's really proud to have graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Dallas, Texas with a degree in Clinical Nutrition and a minor in Psychology. Michele can also boast of being one of fewer than 150 Advisors in the U. S. trained at the Advanced level in the Exclusive and Revolutionary Science of Metabolic Typing.

Following graduation and several years of counseling patients referred to her by Dallas area physicians, Michele soon realized there was a huge void of information in the area of preventive health. Not only was the area of disease prevention practically being ignored by the medical community as a whole, but even the most basic principles of healthy eating and living were alien to most people. In an attempt to fill this void, Michele began designing her own Nutrition and Wellness seminars. For 15 years, she traveled the country and presented these programs to organizations and associations of all sizes. In 1998, Michele was named "Exclusive Seminar Series Speaker" on Preventive Health and Nutrition by the American Dental Association. In this capacity, for the next 5 years, she enlightened thousands of dentists, dental hygienists and dental professionals throughout North American to the healing wisdom and uniqueness of the human body.

Continually approached by individuals struggling to feel their best and not knowing how, and increasingly frustrated with a "drug based" healthcare system that insists on treating diseases vs people, Michele decided to open her own private practice in Rockwall Texas. In her practice, she specializes in natural healing protocols that are custom tailored to each individual's unique body chemistry. If you're not near Rockwall, you can arrange a consult or long term healing program with Michele by phone.

THE LATEST AND GREATEST NEWS is that over the last 20 years, Michele has developed a network of brilliant and enlightened clinicians who are dedicated to identifying and correcting imbalances at the metabolic and cellular level. This fascinating new field is called "Functional Endocrinology". Michele and her colleagues are getting remarkable results for individuals who have long suffered with a variety of ailments, forced to take a multitude of medications and been told by "modern medicine" there's nothing more they can do. MICHELE AND HER COLLEAGUES KNOW BETTER!!

With hundreds of success stories of clients enjoying "life transforming" changes with Natural Healing Solutions, Michele's referral based practice is growing stronger every day. She is now dedicated to creating a web presence that will support and facilitate any and all who wish to look and feel their best, at any age. Michele is committed to creating healing, balance, vitality and joy in her daily life while assisting individuals and organizations in achieving the same in theirs. She'd love to hear from you soon!


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