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Health History & Assessments

  1. Your Health History Questionnaire:

    I want to know everything I can about your health and medical history from your childhood to the present. This should include any and all health conditions, surgeries, medications, symptoms, and current treatment plans. Elaborating, even rambling is encouraged. The more information the better. I especially want to know your frustrations, your challenges and your goals. How bad do you want to feel good and what are you willing to do to get there. This will establish our patient/practitioner relationship from the get go.

  2. Your 5 Day Diet History:

    Yes, I know it's a drag, but it's monumentally important! Your understanding of the what, the when, the how and the why of the way you approach food and eating including any trigger, addictive or reactive issues is essential for designing and refining the healthiest custom tailored nutrition plan for you long term.

  3. Your Exclusive Metabolic Typing Assessment:

    This one's in Red for a reason! It's a Really Big Deal! What exactly is Metabolic Typing? MT is the 1st and only nutrition system that is custom tailored to your unique Body Chemistry. It lays the foundation for the entire healing process and in proceeding to the next phase. What's in it for you is that when you begin to eat the way nature and your genetic blueprint intended, you'll begin feeling better immediately! And because we'll design and refine this baby until we get it Perfect for You, this is the last diet/nutrition plan you'll ever need...Period!


    You'll go online and answer a comprehensive questionnaire, submit the form which is sent to the lab, and results are sent to Michele. Michele will then contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss results, and specific nutritional plan of action.

    *Results of this assessment include custom tailored recommendations for diet, overall nutrition guidelines, weight loss and weight management, sample meal plans and supplement recommendations.

    *** This plan, although required for everyone, is particularly valuable for those who want and need a specific plan to follow that produces noticeable positive health benefits quickly. It can be literally life changing for those of you who have struggled with dieting or food frustration all your lives, tried numerous diets and eating plans and have never enjoyed the peace and sense of control of following a scientifically proven plan that is designed for their unique body chemistry.

  4. Symptom Survey:

    You'll Love This Jewel! To help me prioritize your treatment, you'll complete another survey. My philosophy, you see, is that I can't know too much about you. This step is actually fun because you get to enjoy the rush of listing and prioritizing all the nasty symptoms that annoy you while I get to make good sense of it. We will be treating your body not as separate pieces and parts, but rather as a whole synergistic unit. Much like peeling the layers of an onion, we'll tackle each area of concern monitoring and measuring improvements as we go, before moving on to the next.

    For example, we'll probably work first on the Digestive system, tackling issues such as heartburn, gas, bloating, acid reflux, and constipation. Next, we might focus on the Endocrine system concentrating on stress, fatigue and balancing your adrenals or your thyroid hormones. Next, perhaps the Cardiovascular System to support your heart, balance blood pressure, improve circulation and so forth. We'll then refer back to this survey as we go about balancing your body and see those nagging symptoms disappear, one by one, ultimately enhancing the overall health and vitality of your entire body. That's the best part! Cool, huh?

  5. Designing Your Perfect Diet:

    I'll combine all the information compiled from your Health History, 5 Day Diet History, Metabolic Typing Assessment and Symptom Survey and design a customized eating plan just for you. If necessary, you'll send me diet record sheets that we'll review weekly to correlate what and how you eat with how you feel. Because I am trained to see the rights and wrongs of how you're eating, we can then nip the bad habits in the bud, and reinforce the good ones. My clients often resist this tedious process but then marvel later at how powerfully beneficial it is.

  6. Miscellaneous Assessments:

    Miscellaneous assessments might include identifying conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Estrogen Dominance, Yeast or Fungus, or Fibromalgia, Adrenal Exhaustion and Under active Thyroid.


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