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8 Healing Protocols

  1. ** The Metabolic Typing Eating Plan:

    This computerized analysis is a simple yet extremely comprehensive questionnaire that gives you a specific identification of your metabolic type. It further identifies Autonomic vs. Oxidative Dominance, and determines whether you are a Parasympathetic, Sympathetic, Fast Oxidizer, Slow Oxidizer, Mixed, and Endocrine type. In layman's language, it determines precisely how efficiently you are burning and utilizing your food. This Advanced Program then provides you with precise dietary and/or weight loss recommendations, a complete set of nutrition and lifestyle guidelines, sample menus, and individualized supplementation for your metabolic type. The Program requires the involvement of your Metabolic Typing Advisor for implementation. (Read more Link to Metabolic Typing/Your Perfect Diet)

  2. Purification & Detox: “21 Day Weight Loss/Detox Program.

    If you're looking for an often dramatic trim down/tune up, metabolic boost and immediate "feel better" results, this is the ideal way to begin. This program is the most popular program among my clients. I've seen nothing short of amazing results in relieving and eliminating adverse symptoms in almost 100% of the cases. The SP purification detoxifies the body by supporting and improving kidney, lymphatic, GI tract and liver function, and produces a safe and healthy weight loss of 8-18 lbs in 3-4 weeks. You'll typically experience normalized blood pressure and blood sugar, and reduced cholesterol within days, and within 1-2 weeks, chronic allergies symptoms, headaches, digestive disorders, muscle and joints aches, sugar cravings, and fatigue all but disappear. THIS IS A FABULOUS PROGRAM!! Link (I'll provide later)

  3. Weight Loss and Weight Control:

    Truth is, any fool can lose weight. The trick is to do it in a healthy, healing and permanent way. These steps involve combining the results of your metabolic typing assessment, your endocrine assessment, and a variety of other factors including adrenal, thyroid, mineral and hormone imbalances, high or low blood sugar, food addictions or intolerances and emotional and behavioral issues. These and other factors must be addressed to achieve long term, healthy success. Since being overweight is a symptom and not a condition in itself, weight loss becomes over time, a natural result of balancing and healing the body, once again, one system at a time.

  4. Yeast/Fungus Protocol:

    Very specialized diet and supplementation to rid body of systemic yeast and fungal infections. You'll fill out several assessment questionnaires and verbally share in great detail long term health and diet history.

    **This is a labor intensive program for both patient and practitioner and is typically done when patient has reached a point of chronic illness and is ready to tackle almost anything to get well.

    ***Conditions and symptoms addressed would includes extreme sugar cravings, allergies, hives, weight gain, ear, nose and throat illnesses, itchy skin and rashes, hair loss, ear infections in children, sensitivity to perfume and other chemical odors, overall broken immune function, sick and tired feeling much of the time, hormonal imbalances, PMS, history of taking birth control pills and antibiotics.

  5. Leaky Gut Protocol:

    To heal the mucosal lining of the GI tract, aid in digestion, help resolve food reactions and strengthen immune function.

    ***Conditions and symptoms addressed include: skin rashes, chronic indigestion and bloating, or constipation and gas, chronic allergies, fatigue, inability to lose weight.

  6. Diabetes Management Protocol:

    Customized diet and supplementation to regulate blood sugar and symptoms of Diabetes.

    WOULD YOU BE EXCITED IF I TOLD YOU, you could actually control this nasty disease with diet and exercise alone??? Contact me

    ***Conditions and Symptoms addressed include pre Diabetes conditions, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics on medication or who wish to get off medication who struggle with symptoms of this disease as it progresses.

  7. Adrenal Healing Protocol:

    Since your adrenals glands are responsible for your ability to tackle the fear, irritation, frustration and challenges of every day life, it's vitally important you take darned good care of them. Ranging from your blood sugar, meaning your overall energy, to muscle and joint function, to bone strength, to your immune system, the quality of your sleep, skin regeneration, thyroid function and even your tolerance for eating grains and other foods, adrenal integrity is one big important issue. It typically takes from several months to 2 years to rebuild exhausted adrenals. We accomplish this by dramatically modifying your diet and lifestyle and adding critical supplements that repair, strengthen and renew these precious glands in the proper manner. It's a lot about TLC and self love and it can literally transform your life if youre willing to relax and do what's necessary.

    *** Conditions and symptoms addressed include fatigue, erratic energy patterns, excess stress, sleep disorders, insomnia, decreased libido and sexual performance, lowered stamina and vitality, immune weaknesses like frequent infections, colds and allergies, osteoporosis, slow metabolism, skin problems, and intolerance to grains (gluten)

  8. Hormone Balancing Protocol: For WOMEN AND MEN

    Hormones are a HUGE issue in our culture for a multitude of reasons. It's estimated that about 75% of us have some level of hormones imbalance or deficiency. And like your adrenals, your sex hormones reflect the quality of your life at every age.

    This protocol typically, but not always, involves testing to identify the current levels and functioning of your hormones. We'll then modify your diet to ensure you're getting all the proper nutrients to ensure proper production, integrity and function of these precious molecules. You'll also take very special, natural supplements that will strengthen and regulate the activity of the endocrine system as a whole, and balance and normalize all hormones involved.

    ***FOR WOMEN: Conditions and symptoms addressed include: bleeding irregularities, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, nervousness irritability, headache, mood swings, depression, skin aging, osteoporosis, weight gain or fat redistribution, atherosclerosis.

    ***FOR MEN: Conditions and symptoms addressed include: Loss of libido, fatigue or decreased stamina or performance, depression, erective dysfunction, extreme hair loss or thinning, fat gain especially around the waist, inability to lose weight, urinary frequency, pain or interrupted flow, change in sleeping habits/insomnia, loss of enthusiasm for life, elevated cholesterol, osteoporosis.

Michele A. Burris, RD, CMTA, CLT, FDN

Michele A. Burris, RD, CMTA, CLT, FDN



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