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Getting Started

Yes, I'll work with you in person or long distance.

Whether you're in or close by the Dallas Texas area, or somewhere across the country, welcome and thank you for considering allowing me to be your practitioner and coach in the process of taking charge of your body and your health.

First of all, understand that whether we meet and work together in person or by long distance, our time together will always be "up close and personal". Many clients who've been with me for years, live in a variety of areas from Florida to California and even in Canada. They initially either attended one of seminars or were referred by a friend or family member whom I consulted with who enjoyed remarkably improved health. They then, naturally, wanted those they knew to experience the same success.

The fact that you're on the "Getting Started" page of Healing to the Core, tells me you're already highly motivated to learn about the often well kept secrets of natural healing options that are available to you. Or perhaps you've past the interested and motivated stage and have actually made the decision to get serious and make some well needed and deserved changes in your life NOW. So wherever you are; ignorant, skeptical, or eager and chomping at the bit to know more, as you explore further throughout this site, I promise you, you're in for an eye opener and a treat!

The approach of my practice and my website can be called any one of a number of names. Some call it "alternative", integrative" or "complimentary". Others call it "natural" or "holistic". I simply call it Healing because, basically, isn't that what we all want...to be healed of our ailments and just to feel good. The principles of healing are actually as old as time but the modern applications are becoming newer and more revolutionary every day. Now mind you, I'm not the healer! The body actually renews, regenerates and heals itself. It's yours and my job to nurture and support your body in a way that this healing can take place in the most optimum way.

The protocols I work with are amazingly powerful yet simple, safe and practical. Your job may be as simple as considering giving up your headache or GERD or cholesterol medication and exploring the cause of why you're having those issues to begin with. "Eh Gads, what a concept!!!" Because of my background in Nutrition, your first job will always be to explore what you're putting into your body each and every day. Think about it. Mere logic will tell you that if your body is made of nutrients, it only makes sense to be feeding it the finest ones you can buy, right? But many of us somehow miss this logic. FACT: I find that about 80% of the ailments clients come to me with can be resolved by simply cleaning up their diet. I now it sounds crazy, but it's true.

Another one of your jobs might be to challenge your physician the next time he wants to prescribe antibiotics or synthetic hormones and ask him or her if there are other safer and more natural options. I'm finding that most physicians are open to better and safer ways of treating their patients if they just knew more about them. So it's often up to you and me to educate your doctor about things he may not know or that they don't teach in medical school, for example, what healthy eating really means.

Another option may be deciding not to have your gallbladder or uterus removed unless or until you've fully explored all other options that could quite possibly heal and resolve the cause of these conditions. Once again, I can help you discuss these options with your doctor if you choose.

Your best job, of course, will be acquiring an invaluable educational and experiential resource to help you more fully understand and control your own health destiny. I think you'd agree, that that alone is Priceless!! Together you and I will determine the most beneficial, healthy and healing approaches available and appropriate for you that will ensure your safety and well being and provide you with remarkable health improvements you may have never dreamed possible.

So journey with me further now if you will, and explore more fully my Healing to the Corewebsite. I hope to enjoy some "up close and personal" time with you very soon.

Michele A. Burris, RD, CMTA, CLT, FDN

Michele A. Burris, RD, CMTA, CLT, FDN



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