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a picture who could be one of my clients

a picture who could be one of my clients

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43 y/o Female with Severe Fatigue, Pain, Allergies and Depression

I was struggling with terrible allergies, bladder, yeast and sinus infections, headaches, depression, hormone imbalances, severe fatigue, itching, digestive issues and sugar cravings and food sensitivities. I had reached the point where I could hardly eat anything without pain and nausea so I was losing a lot of weight and getting weaker and weaker. I was desperate to find someone who would take time to really help me diagnose what was wrong with me.

I had been to several doctors, but I always felt that they took the easy symptoms and tried to fix them rather than look deeper into what the root of the problem was. I never tried a Nutritionist but I had a feeling that this was the direction I needed to go. As I was looking for one, I found Michele. I loved the fact that she was focusing on a natural healing process.

After meeting with Michele and discussing my problems, I knew I had found the person who would treat not just my top surface symptoms but rather go to the depth of what was going on inside. I also knew that Michele was the type of person who would work by my side until I was healed. And that's exactly what she did.

Michele has helped me uncover the problems with my health and encouraged me to go forward in healing by learning to eat in a way that worked for my body. She helped me not get discouraged while I tried new things that were foreign to me. She held my hand while I went through some hard times during the cleansing and healing of my body. Michele turned out to be not just my Nutritionist but my cheerleader, coach, and friend encouraging me to win the fight to gain back my life.

Laurie E.
Wife, Mother and Partner in Husband's Business

37 Y/o Female Overweight, Fatigue and Lifelong Pain with Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was feeling fat and tired and just fed up with my life and my body. I had tried all the diets in the world and couldn't get a grip on why they didn't work.

When I found Michele, she told me she could identify exactly what foods and what diet and supplements were perfect for me and that weight loss is a symptom of an underlying imbalance and my body was way out of balance. I started eating the right way, healthy, whole foods and started losing weight, my energy increased immediately. Eating healthier also has eliminated so many other irritations like my itchy skin and irritability. It was amazing. After I lost 30 lbs, I had hip replacement surgery and it went great because I was thinner and healthier and recuperated more quickly.

Maybe the best thing about working with Michele is that now I have the knowledge on how to keep the weight off for good.   I truly feel better than I have in years...;.maybe EVER.

An additional bonus is that I did a test to identify what foods were casing inflammation in my body. And anyone who has RA or any autoimmune disease knows that it's all about stopping the inflammation. Once I started avoiding those trigger foods, it was dramatic! The pain I've had all my life has decreased at least 50%. I am moving my body better and without pain for the first time in years. This is a HUGE bonus that I wasn't expecting.

I highly recommend anyone who is struggling with their weight or with pain issues...whether or not you're taking medications...her program will help the meds work even better without having to fight the body's revved up immune system...to call Michele. It will absolutely change your life.

Kristina W.
Wife, Mother, Project Manager

27 Y/o Female Lost 50 lbs, Loves Her New Diet and Her New Body

I was at a point where I was not happy with my body. I never exercised and ate horribly. Eating was a hobby for me. Fortunately, I am still in my twenties and it hadn't effected me that much but it was definitely starting to.

I wanted to lose weight and knew it started with my diet but just didn't know where to start. I wanted to make a lifestyle change not just take an unhealthy pill that helped me to lose weight but gain it right back. After meeting with Michele, she gave me specific information about how my body works and what foods worked best for me. It was definitely a task at first to adjust my diet and exercise habits but now I can't imagine life any differently. What was so helpful was having someone to hold me accountable each week. I enjoyed meeting with Michele on a regular basis. She was so motivational and knowledgeable. When I started I weighed 185 lbs at a size 14. 3 months later I am 135 lbs at a size 6- which by the way I have never been in my life! Not to mention I am healthier and have more confidence and energy than ever before.

I have so much more information on food and my body which I will have for the rest of my life. As a mother of two children, it is important to me that I set a good example for my children. They will also have this information that I now know. Thank you Michele! You have changed my life!

Malorie M.
Teacher, Wife and Mother

Michele, I had to let you know, that when I follow my program, my brain works 100% better, I'm stronger... my workouts are so much more efficient and my whole life is dramatically better!

I must say, I was very skeptical at first... I took one look at the results of my metabolic assessment and my recommended foods and I was flabbergasted! These were all the foods I either didn't like or had given up. When Michele offered to personally guide me through the program, however, and considering how lousy I'd been feeling for so long...spacey, tired, grumpy, nauseous and lethargic. I hated going to work in the morning because I'm at a high level in my company and I just couldn't function optimally being in this brain fog half the time. I couldn't articulate what I wanted to say. The science behind this program made such good sense, I decided I was ready to give it a serious try.

Honestly, Michele was what really made this a success for me. When I started the program, I got even more irritable. I was mad as hell having to give up my biscuits and coffee and especially my sweets, which I ate after every meal. Michele assured me this was normal....it was withdrawal. She urged me to hang in there and eventually the cravings would disappear. With her help, I fought through it and, by golly, she was right. I started to explore new foods I hadn't tried before or had been avoiding and felt better immediately. My husband is so happy because not only am I'm in a much better mood, but he's getting good meals at night...ha ha!

I can't tell you what a huge difference this new way of eating has made in my life. I feel better than I have in years. When I follow the program I feel great! And I can still cheat a little and be fine. And the really big deal is that I no longer feel deprived or angry because, now I am in control. This whole transition took just weeks. It has become a personal choice, not a restriction. This is a huge change in mindset as well as a huge success and a huge life change for me. Thanks again, Michele!"

Lisa M., Frito Lay Corp

This has been the most miraculous transformation I could have imagined! Michele, If you were looking for a fabulous success story, you've got one in me.

To start at the beginning, there were numerous issues I needed to resolve. I am peri-menopausal and was overweight for the first time in my life. I couldn't get the weight to budge no matter what I did. I was tired, stressed and just felt bloated and fat. I was taking all kinds of medication; a diuretic for high blood pressure, an anti inflammatory for arthritis, allergy medication, an appetite suppressant, an anti-depressant to counter the side effects of the appetite suppressant. I needed regular chiropractic adjustments and massages to handle the stress and had a chocolate monkey on my back the size of King Kong. I was clearly addicted to sugar and/or chocolate and craved it every day. In addition to that I was very concerned about my hormones and my fibro cystic breast condition because cancer runs in my family.

My body and my life were a mess and I reached a point where I just couldn't live that way anymore. I had met you at a luncheon in the Fall and told you a little about my concerns. You responded that when I was ready to get serious and do something about it, to call you. Shortly thereafter in December, I made that call.

Michele, you were really great in explaining the big picture to me. You went over all my options and recommended a plan of attack on how we should begin. You also made me understand that health is a process and not a magic pill. You told me that this healing process would take time, patience, a coach (that was you) and a good plan. You made me feel totally comfortable and trusting that if I was committed and ready for the challenge, you would be my coach and guide and support me through the process until we got the results I was looking for. I decided I was ready for the challenge.

Well, the rest, as they say, is history. It was one of the most miraculous transformations I could have imagined. Starting with the Purification/Detox program, I felt like hell for several days, (I was so toxic) then starting feeling really good. My hot flashes and allergy symptoms disappeared almost immediately. Within days, I no longer craved chocolate or sugar. I starting sleeping much better and was no longer depressed. I was visibly losing weight and inches and had much more energy than I'd had in a long time. In 3 short weeks, I was off all my medications except my blood pressure med. Like I said, it was truly amazing!

After the detox, you eased me into my Metabolic Typing Diet. It was really exciting to finally know the exact way to eat for my body chemistry. And boy did it make a difference. Also, I guess since my body was now cleaner and stronger from the detox, I noticed food started tasting really good again. My skin has cleared up and I have little if any desire to eat "garbage". When I do treat myself from time to time with something sweet or tantalizing, it doesn't take much to satisfy me. I used to need a half pound of chocolate to do the trick, now I can eat just a bite and be happy and feel fine.

I continue to get raves and compliments from everyone wherever I go about how great I look. I've lost a bunch of weight and am almost at my goal. Yeah! I'm enjoying working out and am loving reshaping my body on the outside as well as the inside. Most of all though, I feel fabulous! Like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel light, healthy, happy and for the first time ever, confident that I now have the skills and the resources to tackle whatever comes along. I'm sure you and I will be working together for a long time and I will be forever grateful to you for your knowledge, your help and your friendship.

Michele, I refer everyone I talk to your way. However, as you and I both know, you can't force anyone to take control of their health. Like me, they've got to be ready to make the decision themselves; to make some serious changes on their own. I'm now thrilled to say I'm facing my days more joyful, positive and healthy than I have in years. God bless you and thank you so much for helping me get to this wonderful place.

Grateful more than you'll ever know,
Celia Hall, Dallas Morning News

Miraculously, I've stopped carrying Advil around with me because my headaches have completely disappeared.

Dear Michele, You can't imagine, I feel 100% better with the extra pounds off. First, I'm thrilled to say I lost 20 lbs and continue to lose by drinking the organic food based shakes for breakfast. Another really good thing is since I prefer not to worry about cooking. The overall program of knowing exactly what foods to get out, take home or carry with me is working great.

Miraculously, I've stopped carrying Advil around with me which I have done for years because my headaches have dissipated completely. Whether it was dehydration or the elimination of toxins in my system, I don't know. I just know it worked beautifully. I am now headache free and that's huge!

I have the energy to ride my bike 80 miles a week which I love.

So I'm a happy camper and could not have wished for more. Thanks again, Michele, for helping me to improve my body and my health so much. Thank you also for being so readily accessible to answer my questions and guide and support me through this transition. It's made a big difference in my life.

I'm so thankful, thanks again a bunch,
Mary Cline, Professional Writer

Thank God, I'm finally getting relief for my Fibromyalgia!

Michele, if I ever believed in miracles, I believe in them now. As you know, I have been to dozens of doctors and most of them just kept giving me drugs or anti depressants. I was either knocked out or brain dead half the time and yet I kept on struggling with the pain and insomnia and depression of this terrible condition.

Well thanks to you, for the first time in years, I'm seeing at light at the end of this gloomy tunnel. The diet alone made a big difference. Along with the supplements, I'm now getting measurable relief from the chronic pain, sleeping better and my mood has been great. I know it will take time and patience but now that I have you as my coach to help me through it, I feel I can finally make it.

God bless you for giving me my life back,
Beverly A., Attorney at Law

Hurrah!!! I no longer have to resort to lap band surgery to control my weight!!

Michele, as you know, I was so desperate that I was considering lap band surgery at the time I met you. I was completely disillusioned of all the diets I'd tried in the past and skeptical of trying yet another one. But after attending your seminar, and realizing that this was not just another diet, I decided to try your program as a last resort.

Well much to my surprise and delight, it actually worked! I had been struggling for years to lose weight but my metabolism was at "zero". I never would have believed I could achieve these kind of improvements in so short a time.

First of all, my energy level and stamina have increased greatly. This is monumentally important because of the stressful job and life I lead. I also have had numerous other health issues like arthritis, allergies, high blood pressure, and all those nasty symptoms of menopause like dry skin, hot flashes, anxiety and insomnia. My arthritis and allergy symptoms are almost completely resolved and the hot flashes, dry skin, insomnia and anxiety are remarkably better with each week now that I'm taking my bio identical hormones.

I have and "am" learning a lot about my body and how it works which is wonderful because this knowledge is so empowering that even when I don't follow things to the letter, I now know what I'm doing wrong. That alone is incredibly valuable.

I would say to anyone who is struggling with weight and health issues, that I strongly recommend Michele Burris and her program. She is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, caring and supportive. I am a professional in the insurance industry and frequently make public presentations to very large groups and executive board meetings. Energy, alertness and appearance are extremely important to me in my line of work. So it is great to know how I can control and maintain weight and stay sharp and energized when I need to.

Linda Santiso, CPCU, CPIW, DAE

My husband says I'm so sexy, I'm glowing.

Michele, I can't tell you how incredibly valuable this program has been for me. I've been struggling with my weight and my energy for years now. After switching over to the foods that are recommended for a "fast oxidizer"...that's me, I have finally lost that annoying 15 pounds and can get through the afternoon without the usual nasty mid afternoon slump. My husband says I'm glowing. I'm sure it's partly because he's so darned happy that I've started cooking again...now that I have all this energy. It's great!"

As you know, in the Real Estate business, there's a tremendous amount of stress, not to mention food everywhere. I've managed to get focused and plan ahead and when everyone else is binging on the cookies and other stuff, I'm sticking to my cheese and hard boiled eggs and occasional chocolate. When I stay focused, I no longer crave the sugar and "garbage" and feel sooooo much better without them. Here's to even better days ahead...Thanks again to you, Michele.

Linda W., Real Estate Agent, Dallas, Texas

I was fed up, totally discouraged and done, done, done!

I was done. Done with the primary care physician that just kept giving me steroid shots. Done with the gynecologist that just kept telling me I should be happy I weighed the same for the past four years. (Even though four years ago I had just had a baby) Done with him telling me tired was normal for a working mom. Done with him telling me my periods were just going to be like that now - after two children. Done with the allergist saying I was so bad that I could not even come in for shots. Done with her wanting to start me on some experimental cancer drug. Done with trying to eat nothing and watch the weight stay. Done with training to run a marathon and watching the weight stay. Done with waking up every morning with hives. Done with taking 240 mg of antihistamine and still falling apart if someone mowed the lawn. Done with the eyedrops, done with the inhalers, done with the sprays. I was done!

Michele changed all that. Seriously. I had no idea that what I was eating was basically poisoning my body. I thought I was eating healthy. Egg whites, whole grain breads etc. Turns out many of these food were wrong-for my body. She took a profile-we did some lab work. Michele taught me about what my body needed. Best of all Michele listened. All the other "doctors" did not listen to me. I knew I was not the same. I knew I was not "OK". I knew that since the birth of my second child something had happened inside me-something tilted out of place and stayed there.

After using the detox Michele put me on I was excited! Within three days I no longer was taking antihistamines. The hives were spacing themselves out and I was getting happier. As the days went on, the weight dropped off. The hives got further apart. The period went back to "normal". I was me again!

Through much work, Michele and I continued down the path of health together. It has been almost a year now and the results just keep getting better. I have recommended her name to many friends and even sometimes complete strangers. What she did for me is priceless!

Cym van Rossum
Montgomery, Texas


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